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Within the Internet Marketing, Online Marketing Articles and Tutorials section, you'll find annotated links to insightful, helpful articles and tutorials on Internet marketing, online marketing in general, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising programs, Internet marketing plans and strategies, and Internet, online marketing copy, content for online marketing. Some of the topics cover Google Analytics, metrics, PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising campaigns, ideas to promote and advertise your Web site, click fraud, Internet marketing definitions, creating solid marketing strategies, creating effective landing pages and content for your Web sites, and much more.

Do you know of some helpful, insightful articles, tutorials, books, or resources related to online marketing, Internet marketing, Web marketing? Recommendations are welcome皇族电竞竞猜 and encouraged! We'll also provide credit to you with a link to your site, of course.

Tutorials, Articles on Internet Marketing / Online Marketing

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Check out these 10 helpful tips to get better results from this free tool by Google. Topics cover documentation, page tags, secure pages, test profile, funnels, special profiles, e-commerce tracking, autotag Google AdWords, tag other campaigns, and analyze your data. [Article/tutorial dated 06/12/2007, by Robin Steif, CEO, , for .]

  • Thought-provoking article. Topics covered: Is Client Privacy at Risk? Problems With Analytics Tools; Enter Google Analytics; Pros and Cons of Google Analytics. And the author wants your feedback and thoughts, too. See for discussion and add your thoughts there, too. [Article/tutorial dated 06/25/2007, by Tony Wright, for .]

  • Enlightening article/tutorial on metrics, including how to figure out the most appropriate types of metrics for your particular business or other needs. Step-by-step instructions on establishing a baseline and how to identify metrics that will “impact both the cost and yield of your visitors,” how to avoid collection pitfalls. Then they cover using their “Essential Metrics Dashboard to understand where you have been, where you are now and how to achieve your goals for the future.” There's a link to download this Excel template file, too. Fabulous article. [Article/tutorial dated 07/19/2006, by Nick Usborne, writer; Flint McGlaughlin, Editor; Jimmy Ellis, Aaron Rosenthal, Mike Clowe, Alex Riegler, Contributors - for .]

  • Dozens of definitions here with brief explanations. [Part of .]

  • Great explanations with links to more information for: Churn rate, Clickthrough, Cost per lead, Customer acquisition cost, Customer life cycle, Impression, Interstitial, Lead generation, Opt-in, RFM. [Article/tutorial dated 04/01/2007, by Christine Cignoli, Assistant Editor, .]

  • Recap of the latest, with graphic chart of , plenty of links to further info. Robin Good also answers the same questions and provides discussion about . [Article/tutorial dated 09/11/2007, by Robin Good, .]

  • Fascinating Q&A from top experts in the field. Panelists include: Craig Ettinger, Director, Sales & Business Development, TIME.com; Pam Horan, President, Online Publishers Association; Kyoo Kim, VP Sales, MSNBC.com; Lance Podell, CEO, Seevast, which operates the Pulse 360 sponsored-link advertising network; Patrick Moorhouse, National Manager Research and Development, Avenue A/Razorfish. From their summary: “The online advertising market has roared back to life after the dot-com boom and bust. To take advantage of this, publishers are adding more ad-supported content as well as looking at emerging media to engage their readers. But are any of these new formats working? We gathered a roundtable panel of five big players in the industry and asked them about current metrics and what they're testing with mobile, video, widgets and user generated content. Their advice and tips will help you.” [Article/tutorial dated 09/05/2007, by .]

  • Thought-provoking blog post that considers the difference between new and returning visitors and the ROI between the two. “WebTrends Score allows you to base your engagement metrics on historical event Frequency, the physical interaction with the site. ... Score also allows you to base your engagement metrics on potential / emotional value, a prediction of the value of the visitor to the business in the future, and then execute strategy based on the historical context (Frequency) of the visitor.” [Article/tutorial dated 08/02/2007, by Jim Novo, .]
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    Tutorials, Articles on Internet Marketing / Online Marketing Plans and Strategies

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    Tutorials, Articles on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

    In addition to the PPC tutorials below, for more on PPC ads, see also AdSense Tutorials Tutorials, Tips on AdSense Ad Formats / Sizes, Ad Placement / Locations for Optimization.

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    Excellent article on common mistakes Web marketers make with PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns.
    As I manage quite a few PPC campaigns I always notice the silly and sometimes not so silly mistakes that advertisers make with their PPC programs. Mistakes when creating PPC ads, click fraud detection, and lack of testing are just a few of them. Fixing each of these mistakes could mean an extra 70% of revenue or a savings of thousands of dollars every month. Below is a list (we all love those lists don't we?) of the most common mistakes marketers make with their paid search (PPC) advertising campaigns.
    Topics covered: bidding broad, fighting for the #1 spot, avoiding geo-targeting, losing relevance on landing pages, getting rid of fraud networks, being boring, using telephone numbers, not bidding for your name, lack of affiliate control, not separating content match from search results, ignoring seasonal copy, lack of “exact” tracking, paying for negative keywords, mistaking CTR with conversion rate when testing ads, not using keywords in ad copy, not calling Google, avoiding brand name keywords, and more. [Article/tutorial dated 02/12/2007, by Igor Mordkovich, for .]

  • Article on a new click fraud scheme that uses specific keyword searches within a site's search forms totally unrelated to your site. On the surface, it makes no sense, but reverse click-fraud is the probable cause. Details on what happens and what to look for in this insightful exploration of yet another form of click fraud. [Article/tutorial dated 10/10/2007, by Justin, for .]

  • Helpful article explaining what click fraud is as it applies to Google AdSense and AdWords, and defines click fraud in general, too: “Click fraud is the name attributed to the practice of utilizing methods that mimic legitimate internet user clicks on a web publisher's website in order to gain profit.” [Article/tutorial by .]

  • Insightful article reporting on click fraud stats for 3rd quarter 2007, including a 10-18-2007 press release from with their independent click fraud reporting service, . Links to more information, too. [Article/tutorial dated 10/19/2007, by .]

  • Google's AdWords team “created this website to aggregate various resources on click fraud.” Several sections: section provides the basics about click fraud - what are click fraud and invalid clicks, where click fraud originates, how Google protects advertisers against click fraud, how advertisers can protect themselves against click fraud via Google Analytics, auto-tagging and more. The section contains links to articles and blogs on click fraud and related. The Help Center has FAQs, multimedia demos, links to Google's official policies on invalid clicks and how to identify invalid clicks, and more. [Via .]

  • Quite helpful information here. In addition to discussing the importance of screening affiliates, this article covers types of click fraud: Fraudulent and Fake Transactions, Parasites, Typosquatting, Copycats, Spammers, Other Signs. Also provides several links to helpful resources. [Article/tutorial dated 08/10/2005, by , for .]
  • Pay Per Click Anti-fraud Strategies and Tools
    Useful, helpful article on how to prevent PPC, pay-per-click click fraud, along with specialized click fraud tools. Helps with your Google AdWords advertising campaign, Google AdSense publishing, and other PPC online advertising programs. [Article/tutorial by Michael Bloch, via sx-science.cn's Marketing Articles, Tutorials section.]
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    Tutorials, Articles on Marketing Copy, Content for Online Marketing

    In addition to the listings below, see also sx-science.cn's other sections on Web site content, SEO, SEM Content, Keyword, Keyphrase Optimization and Writing for Search Engines and Web Content, Writing for Web Sites.

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    Ten variables to “test on your landing pages that can produce large increases in your conversion rate.” Covers and explains: Long Copy vs. Short Copy; Credibility Logos; Security Assurance in Order Form or Shopping Cart; Banner Present vs. Not Present; Submit Button / Order Button Text; Audio Message; Testimonials; Urgency; Headline; Price. Plenty of helpful tips and information here. [Article/tutorial dated 06/05/2007, by Sumantra Roy, CEO, , for .]
  • Creating Effective Landing Pages
    Topics covered: What is a landing page? A different view on landing pages; Landing pages - the two schools of thought; The basics of developing landing pages; Call to action; Short statements; Length of pages; Ask and answer questions; Logical sequence; White space, headings and colors; Provide a bonus; Use of images; Use of testimonials; Fast load times; PPC driven landing pages; Stuck for ideas? Search engine considerations; Testing your landing pages; Related learning resources. [Article/tutorial by Michael Bloch, , via sx-science.cn's Marketing Articles, Tutorials section.]

  • Helpful tips and a checklist of what to consider with deciding whether or not to overhaul your landing pages. [Article/tutorial dated 07/23/2007, by Tony Wright, for .]

  • Covers understanding Google AdWords quality score bot to help improve your landing page quality score. Shows how to work with 2 free tools to extract the information on your page to help you see what the Google bot sees - to then work on improving your page. Uses W3C's and . Great insight here. [Article/tutorial dated 08/02/2007, by Dave Davis, for .]

  • Covers similarities and differences between landing pages and regular Web pages; knowing what you want the visitor to do at your landing page; direct marketing and landing pages; copy, design, navigation links, multiple choices. [Article/tutorial by Nick Usborne, .]

  • As the title also states, you'll find 9 helpful tips to help optimize your landing pages, which will in turn help your conversion rates. Good insight here. [Article/tutorial dated 07/25/2007, by Michael Mattis, Conversion Tipster, for .]
  • Landing Page Handbook, 2nd Edition - 2008, by Marketing Sherpa
    Downloadable version of a presentation conducted Nov. 28, 2007, by Anne Holland, Founder & Content Director, Tim McAtee, Senior Analyst. Online transcript, downloadable PDF with data charts, and mp3 also available. Their summary: “Find out what 4,213 marketers revealed about landing pages. Highlights include:
    • How to lift landing page conversions 48.35%
    • What landing page tests work best
    • Tips on copy, graphics and layout
    • The best tests to get the highest ROI
    Plus, new research that will make any marketer cringe.” [Article/tutorial dated 12/04/2007, by .]

  • This article does an exceptional job of explaining the important ingredients to include in a landing page. Spelled out in simple to understand terms, uses real-world examples, screenshots, and does a great job of going through the thinking process of how to figure out and create appropriate content for your landing pages. [Article/tutorial dated 12/01/2006, by , guest writer for .]

  • A refreshing blog post about landing pages, including, “A landing page is the first page a visitor to your site sees.” Godin also discusses its importance with Google AdWords, and includes a bullet list of 5 actions, only one of which to optimize the page to accomplish (maybe 2). [Article/tutorial dated 04/18/2006, by Seth Godin, .]

  • Fascinating case study that shows how optimizing your headlines - your PPC (pay-per-click) ad headline text and your website headline text - can improve your website's conversion rate by 73% or more. Case #1: Testing Headlines in a Multivariate Environment; Case #2: Focusing on the Headline. Follows with Guidelines to help you get the most from headline testing. Incredibly helpful, insightful case studies and article. [Article/tutorial dated 05/26/2006, by Flint McGlaughlin, Editor; Brian Alt, Nick Usborne, Writers; Eric Stockton, Guy Tasaka, Contributors; for .]

  • Headlines are “90 percent of the reason anyone will read your ad copy,” and the next in importance is the first sentence. Dunn provides an insightful checklist of tips to help you create great headlines, including headlines for your Web site and for advertising ads. [Article/tutorial dated 02/22/2002, by Declan Dunn, for .]
  • See also Online Marketing, Internet Marketing Web Sites Devoted to Online Marketing for many more resources to online marketing tutorials.

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